“The Armchair Madcap: One Woman’s Most Humble Opinions on Anime, Books, and Videogames”

When I am curious about a videogame or anime, AnonFeance is the first person I call on. She’s well-versed in her fields of discussion and gives an educated perspective on the ups and downs of videogames, anime, and books she has been delighting in.

Chicago Ranter found my modest little page and followed it, and upon checking out his site, I was extra excited. With witty insights and informative pieces, I really enjoy his blog, especially the one about the killer rats of Chicago 🙂

 Small Things Matter

Small Things Matter is a young, non-profit organization started by Revolution MacInnes, an inspiring, formerly homeless man who found out how to use social media to get him on his feet. He is now working to help other homeless people out of their predicaments by identifying those with small needs that–if met– can bring those people out of homelessness. He plans to use innovative fundraising techniques to provide those needs and change lives. I am interning with this charismatic man, and am honored to be working with him.

“Ask Me in the Morning”

“Ask Me in the Morning” is a blog written by an artistic girl with some admirable dreams. Delighting in the small things in life like baking, painting, pottery, and spirituality, I find her blog refreshing and sweet!

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  1. Hey there! thanks for the mention! I enjoy keeping up with your adventures around the city

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