A Sunny Reprieve

According to Weather Channel, yesterday’s weather (low to mid 70’s, I think) as well as today’s projected high of 77 degrees are characteristic of late May and early June.

And yesterday, I threw down my pen and pushed away from my desk. No, I told myself sternly, a 20 page midterm is not worth missing out on this. I hastily assembled a bologna sandwich and left (reasoning maturely that the paper was stupid anyway). I threw on a spring-weather top, a cautious pair of black slacks and flats, and made my way to Millenium Park.

He was kind enough to let me take a picture of him. I'm such a tourist -_-

Several people had already had the same idea. College students, tourists, and business professionals sat in front of Cloud Gate to bask in the warmth and enjoy their lunch. Some weren’t convinced the weather would last long, so they were wearing Northface sweaters and overcoats. Others took the opportunity to throw on a pair of basketball shorts or capris.

The weather was beautiful, guys! If you get the chance, take your lunch outside or take a long route to work/class that gives you the chance to enjoy the outdoors a bit. I actually even convinced my practicum supervisor to let us have our meeting outside (I remember begging our high school teachers to let us do that on nice days. Sometimes it worked!)

Anyway, I’m definitely not complaining about the weather, despite some people being rather wary of it.

“I’m just waiting for it to pour snow when we’re not looking,” commented the apartment security guard, Pierre.

On a comical note, the Chicago Tribune reported that “Fashion Confusion” had struck Chicago. Oh the humanity!!

As I left Millenium Park, I saw what I thought was a lovely reflecting pool. Upon closer inspection, I found that it was the ice-skating rink that I had heard about. The ice had begun to melt.

Is Spring here to stay, or will the weather continue to have these confusing mood swings?

Meh. *throws on another springtime blouse and walks out the door, returning only to grab a sweater as a precaution*

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